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Research and Analysis

  • Interviewing for qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Computerized market research data collection and compilation of statistics
  • Analysis/interpretation of market research data and statistics
  • Market analysis services, business analyses
  • Information services relating to advertising
  • Advisory services relating to market research
  • Analysis of advertising response and public awareness of advertising campaigns

Advertising on radio and television

  • Production of sound and video recordings and materials for use in advertising
  • Production of commercials for radio and television advertising
  • Rental of advertising space, time and media
  • Preparation and realization of media, plans and concepts

Outdoor Advertising

  • Advertising services by means of balloon displays, sandwich boards, television screen based text
  • Electronic billboard advertising, rental of billboards
  • Production, providing and rental of advertising materials and advertising space
  • Preparation and presentation of audio visual displays
  • Planning services, personnel management for advertising purposes

Advertising on the internet (digital advertising services)

  • Search engine marketing services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Online advertising through social media networks
  • Ecommerce website design
  • Consultancy relating on search engine optimization
  • Consultancy relating on pay per click advertising
  • Consultancy relating advertising on social media networks
  • Web indexing
  • Providing and rental of advertising space on websites/internet for advertising goods and services
  • Realization of searchable online advertising guides featuring goods and services

Advertising and marketing consultancy

  • Assistance to management in respect of advertising, business advice/consulting relating to advertising
  • Investigations of marketing strategy
  • Market research consultancy
  • Arranging advertising and promotional contracts, mediation of advertising

Advertising events

  • Arranging and conducting of advertising events, fairs and exhibitions for commercial and advertising purposes
  • Design of flyers, brochures and other advertising materials
  • Preparation of audio-visual displays and presentations
  • Distribution of advertising samples
  • Dissemination of advertising materials: flyers, brochures, leaflets, other printed materials, promotional materials

Creating advertising materials, brand creation services

  • Banner and graphic design, layout services
  • Production of sound and video recordings
  • Production of advertising texts, copywriting
  • Logo design
  • Reproduction and updating of advertising materials

Advertising by direct mail, mail order, over the phone and telephone enquiries (direct marketing advertising)

  • Preparation of mailing lists for direct mail advertising
  • Distribution of advertising announcements, brochures, flyers, leaflets, promotional materials, samples, products
  • Scripwriting, response advertising
  • Production of advertising literature
  • Promotional advertising carried out via the telephone

Advertising in periodicals, brochures, newspapers and professional press

  • Production, updating and dissemination of advertising materials
  • Arranging for the provision of advertising space in newspapers
  • Classified advertising
  • Planning services
  • Press advertising consultancy

Other services

  • Organising of competitions and prize draws for advertising purposes
  • Customer loyalty/club services for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes
  • Promotion of products and services through sponsoring arrangements and licence arrangements


Architects, beverages, books, broadcast media, brokerage of stocks, business web sites, business services, clothing, commercial and residential real estate, concerts, cosmetics, perfumery and beauty products, ecommerce and other online websites, exploration projects, financial investment and services, florists, franchising, hotels, local shopping, literary industry, maritime industry, motion picture films, motor vehicles and cars, newspapers, pharmaceutical products and in-vivo imaging products, philosophical instruction, promotion of goods, public works, publishing, real property, recruitment of personnel, online shopping, transport and delivery, travel industry

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